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Unsure of the next step toward your business aspirations? Want to ensure your legalities are in order? With 20+ years of business experience & extensive legal training, we’ll help you navigate your legal issue and provide the best solution for you to protect your brand, business, assets, and loved ones with confidence. We’re here for you!

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Our Practice areas & Services

At Harvey-Jacob Law, we provide the following legal services.

Federal & California Intellectual Property

Federal (US) & California Trademarks

Copyright Legal Services

Contract Drafting and Review

Entity Formation

Business Start-up Advice and Services

Business Growth, Hiring, and Collaboration Services

Securitization [Intellectual Property & Digital Assets]

Trusts & Estate Planning

Internet Law

Privacy Law

International Law

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About Harvey-Jacob Law

We are a business and intellectual property law firm to domestic & international professionals, entrepreneurs, small business start-ups, and creators ~ we help entrepreneurs correctly and proactively set up, confidently build their businesses, and protect their brands, assets, and loved ones from common costly legal mistakes and outcomes. We want our clients to not only succeed, but to thrive!

We strive to achieve exceptional results and we value excellence and integrity

We help our enterprising clients level-up and experience business success whilst avoiding typical and unnecessary legal setbacks that befall entrepreneurs who unknowingly follow incorrect advice, or who delay in taking preventative action in their business to protect all they hold dear.

We’re here for you. We'll help you structure a solid foundation to build your empire upon. Receive legal counsel from an experienced entrepreneur and legal team who hears you, supports you, and provides correct and aligned strategic guidance for your specific situation whether you're at the pre-startup, exit, succession phase, or somewhere in between.

A California law firm, Harvey-Jacob Law operates virtually (via online video meetings, telephone, and secure portal for our clients), so you can meet and connect with ease from the comfort of your home or office.

Select the button below   to inquire or get started with a complimentary consultation. We can then determine how best to help you safeguard your business, brand, assets, and loved ones. 

Business Law Legal Team

Meet the team

Harvey-Jacob Law is run by Founder and Principal Attorney, Danelle Harvey-Jacob, Esq. LL.M. 

Danelle works with an incredible growing support team.

Danelle Harvey-Jacob, Esq. LL.M.

Founder & Principal Attorney

Although Danelle’s childhood home environment was neither entrepreneurial, nor academic-focused, she started her first business before she was 10 and aspired to be a lawyer then, too. Prior to law, Danelle built businesses with zero budget on and offline internationally, whilst single-handedly raising her daughter. Today, she taps into her experiences as a business owner, best-selling business author, speaker, published composer, educator, and her extensive legal training to protect her clients’ interests with care and dedication. Danelle holds an LL.M. with business law from the University of Southern California Gould School of Law, and an MSc in Legal Studies. Before focusing on U.S. legal studies and practice, Danelle studied England and Wales, and European Union Law and worked at law firms while attaining her UK law degree and MSc. She has raised awareness on homelessness, domestic violence, and education issues at an international level, partnering with UK organizations including the London Mayor's Office, to effect positive change. One partnership resulted in a Georgia Governor's proclamation of Victory Over Violence Month. Danelle has worked on business, estate planning, and litigation based legal matters for clients as diverse as physician, psychotherapy, start-up technology, and security company CEOs, to small business owners and creators (including in fashion design, retail, pool cleaning, and boutique bakeries). Danelle was a Panelist & Presenter at the American Bar Association's 2022 Intellectual Property Fall Institute. The ABA recognized Danelle's "knowledge and unique insight into IP law and the legal profession" and stated that her provided content helped attendees, "including many seasoned professionals", "to ensure that they are on the cutting edge of this field." Such attendees confirmed that after the presentation they had "a greater understanding of current issues and solutions to worldwide IP law hurdles." She is dedicated to empowering others to achieve, succeed, and thrive in their business endeavors by helping them establish a solid foundation to accomplish and exceed their goals.

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